I know all the rules but the rules don't know me.

Take a good look around you. So many people. All chasing after the same things, trying to be the same person. Conformists to the core. Sheep, if you will. Easy to manipulate or push over. You don't want to be like them. That being said, right now, you may be a little worried if you are. But the very fact that you clicked on this post means, you don't want to be.

On that note, let's play a little game. Here are 10 things that separate a rebel from the rest of them. If you can relate to 7 or more of them, congratulations! You were born to resist, you li'l rebel.

1. You didn't let anyone else decide your career for you.

Your parents and teachers may have had your career all planned out from the day you were born but you were never about to do as you were told. You were always the facilitator of your own future and right now you are either doing or pursuing something you actually feel passionately about.

2. You choose your own adventures - And man, are you good at it!

You're not easily stimulated and you rarely agree to join in other people's plans just because they're your friends or colleagues. You'd rather do your own thing and you probably already know where your next adventure will take you.

3. You love your own company too much.

You’ve got absolutely no problem being by yourself when you don’t have anyone else to hang with. Moreover, it's nice to get away from the generally ulterior motive driven or plain shallow and unremarkable conversations that most people want to indulge you in.

4. You don't make up excuses, you simply tell the truth. It's the only way you know.

If you're ever wrong about anything, you own up to your mistake. If you're late for work, you tell your boss you were running late and not that you were sick. If you accidentally hurt someone, you apologize. If you and a close friend haven't been speaking to each other for a while, you'll break the deadlock. You're egoistic but not snobbish. You're cool.

5. People often dislike you for no apparent reason. Not that it matters.

Being liked by one and all is not your main prerogative in life; you only make an effort for a few people. And the ones that aren’t part of that (elite) group tend not to like you because of your thick skin and devil may care attitude.

6. Your current favourite song does not feature on the Billboard top 100.

You’re not concerned with what the rest of the world is listening to, all you care about is what your ears like. And that could be anything from The cramps to Dhinchak Pooja. And if anyone has a problem with it, they can go suck their thumb in a corner.

7. You’re impulsive, not calculative.

You like living in the spur of the moment. You understand that there's no real point of worrying about the future, especially if keeps you from living the present to the fullest. You say what's on your mind, do what's on your mind and pay no mind to people who mind too much.

8. While watching a movie/show, you understand the point of view of the 'villain'.

There are two sides to every story. You like a good hero but you also understand that sometimes even the bad guy is driven by a strong and fair motive. You like Voldemort, Venom and Cersei as much as you like Harry, Spidey and Jon. You like the finer qualities of a character more than which side they're on.

9. You're that Mr./Ms. Excitement that always picks dare while playing truth or dare.

You value personal information and don't take people into confidence easily. While playing a game of truth or dare, you’d rather do something gutsy than reveal a dark secret about yourself. Besides... you were never really afraid of anything.

10. You don't always hold authority in high regard.

Sometimes you hold authority in high regard, sometimes you don’t. But you certainly never blindly follow the system or a leader within the system. Whether the system in question is the government, your office, a club or anything else. No one can lead you better than yourself.

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All the GIFs have been sourced from Giphy.