These days, weddings are more than just about love, which is why too many people like them to be grand. Even when we were stuck inside our homes, people got creative while hosting online weddings, and took it up a notch with the metaverse. Apparently, space is the new destination wedding venue and everyone is rushing for it.

Couples are lining for space weddings

A space travel company called Space Perspective, had announced that it will be offering the first-ever space weddings. This will be made possible with the company’s Neptune spacecraft, which is accessible for anyone who is medically fit to fly with an airline. And the experience is going to be nothing like the usual space travel, it’s more luxurious than ever. Of course, people love the idea.

Space Perspective
Space Perspective

Apparently, the spacecraft will be lifted by a SpaceBalloon, with no rockets and the couple will be seated in the Neptune capsule. All of this, while enjoying the “view”. They also have a lounge where people can sit, relax and even share cocktails. This re-imagined version of space travel, or space wedding, is not entirely accessible, though. Reportedly, a single seat in the Neptune capsule will cost $125,000 (or INR 1 crore, approx.) – and well, that’s a lot.

Reinventing destination wedding
Space Perspective

Imagine having to take your entire extended family.