Let's be honest. Exams are one of the most, if not the most, dreadful times of anyone's life. Especially, in a country like India where it's not just the kids who prepare for them, their parents do as well. And just when they think they are done handling the stress, they have results waiting their way. That's when the tension mounts, even more, both for the kids and their parents. 

While it is okay to worry about your kid's performance, it is equally important for parents to tell their kids that their marks DO NOT define them.

Comparing them to others, pressuring them to study, keeping a tab on their breaks and talking only about results will only add on to the unnecessary exam stress the kids are already dealing with. A slight change in behaviour and a few healthy conversations can go a long way in helping kids understand that exams and mark sheets are not the end all of everything. This emotion has been beautifully captured by Tata Tea in their latest ad. It shows how a candid chat can relieve students of their stress and make them feel more confident about themselves. 

Watch the video below and see for yourself how this amazing father is able to bring his son to ease on the day of his result.