According to the 8th edition of the Status Paper on Government Debt, the total liabilities of the government has increased by 49%, to Rs 82 lakh crore.

Source: Livemint

According to India Today, the corresponding data available for June 2014 was Rs 54 lakh crore.

Source: NDTV

The increase in the government's debt has been propelled by a 51.7% growth in public debt from Rs 48 lakh crore to Rs 73 lakh crore, which in turn was driven by a 54% rise in internal debt.

Source: PressTV

The paper said, "The overall liabilities of the Central government are on a medium-term declining trajectory and government's debt portfolio is characterised by prudent risk profile."

It added, "Government is primarily resorting to market-linked borrowings for financing its fiscal deficit. Conventional indicators ... indicate that debt profile of the government is comfortably placed in terms of debt sustainability parameters and is consistently improving,"