If you've been paying even just a little attention to the ongoing India-Australia series, you'd know that we're on the cusp of creating history.

Source: Indian Express

A 2-1 lead, with a loss in the last match looking unlikely, India have outclassed the Aussies on the pitch.

Source: India Today

And it looks like we've outdone them in the stands as well. Rishabh Pant has proved to be quite a hit (pardon the pun) in this series. And in recognition of his skills, the Bharat Army had this chant ready for him.

"He'll hit you for a six,

He'll babysit your kids,

We've got Rishabh Pant!"

For the uninitiated, this is a reference to when Rishabh Pant 'babysat' Tim Paine's kids.

Source: Twitter

Football fans will be familiar with this particular chant, but it's good to see cricket get a new one.

Good-natured banter, and technically true.

We've got Rishabh Pant.