This is Sheena Dabholkar.

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Earlier this week, she took to Twitter to call out the owner of Pune's High Spirits for his alleged sexist behaviour.

She even posted a screenshot of the owner Khodu Irani's lewd message.

And even implied that his wife knew all about it.

As soon as she posted these tweets, a number of girls came out in support of her and admitted to having faced the same behaviour by Khodu.

Post the revelation, a number of stand-up comics boycotted the joint.

However, amidst all this, one guy thought it'd be fun to make light of the situation and posted this on his Facebook timeline.

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But fortunately for us, and unfortunately for him, his mom soon found out about this tasteless status update of his and proceeded to teach him a lesson in full public view.

Source: Sanskari

Following which, the guy soon issued an apology.

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Like they say, mommy knows best.