According to a report by Comparitech, a UK-based consumer tech review firm, India has recorded the highest rate of children falling victim to cyberbullying in 2018 so far.

Source: StarShellStudent

Over 37% Indian parents have admitted that their children have been victims of cyberbullying at least once, which is 15% more than 2016. 

The report further stated:

"Indian parents remained among the highest to express confidence that their children were cyberbullied at least sometimes, a number that only grew from 2011 to 2018."
Source: Continental Hospitals

Instances of cyberbullying in India have increased over the last few years.

The findings of this report are based on total 20,793 interviews conducted among adults aged 18-64 in US and Canada and adults aged 16-64 in all other countries. 

The top five countries facing the highest levels of cyberbullying include, India, Brazil, US, Belgium, South Africa.

Source: Qualcomm

Cyberbullying can have severe negative impacts on kids by cutting their motivation and reducing their success rates.