Love them or hate them, maids are an integral part of every Indian household. And we all have our stories.

1. When your maid fills in the celebrity status void in your life and becomes Karan Johar with a cup of early morning Koffee.

2. Let me make food for the both of us, didi.Β Β 

3. The fan and the maid have an evil pact against you.

4. Horror stories are made of this.

5. They just always get more holidays than there are days in the year.


7. Separation Anxiety. :sob:

8. Now, where have I heard this before?

9. Terms and Conditions apply.Β 

10. Hierarchy got us like.

11. Maintenance level - maid.

12. There's always therapy.

13. The bright side.

14. Accepting condolences.

15. Courage.


16. Accomplishments.Β 

17. Best mood lifter, ego booster award goes to!

18. Our own stylist.

19. Best days.

20. My hero.

21. We live for those free massage days.

22. Best support system.

23. True love.

And as long as we got our didis, life is good.