We all have that one habit we just cannot get rid of. That one thing, we keep doing over and over again. And there's nothing we can do to switch off that repeat mode.

Just like these desi peeps right here. They say practice makes a man perfect. And nobody knows it better than them. Take a look.

1. Manmohan Singh has been having a massive headache since forever.

Such was the stress that our ex-PM faced during his tenure, that he's been having severe headaches ever since.

Source: News24

Nobody likes having a headache. And nobody knows it better than our ex-PM.

Source: YKA

TBH, he looks pretty uncomfortable.

Source: Dailymail

It's okay, Manmohan ji. You're not the PM anymore. You need to relax now.

Source: Orangenews9

Why suffer like this? Take a Disprin already.

Source: Tehe

2. Rahul Gandhi has been trying to remember something for a long time.

Who knew Rahul baba was suffering from short term memory loss. It's pretty evident that he's been trying to remember something for a long time.

Source: Rahulbaba

But somehow, hasn't been able to recall it yet...

Source: Mid-Day

...No matter how hard he tries.

Source: OutlookIndia

There are days when he's *THIS* close to remembering it.

Source: FirstPost

But then, nope.

3. PM Narendra Modi has been waiting for someone to high-five him for a long time.

Expecting a high-five and then not getting it can be pretty embarrassing. And PM Modi knows it.

Since he's been expecting a high-five since forever.

Source: TheViralFeed

Is there nobody out there who can do the needful?

Source: ET

Come on guys! It's just a high-five. Give it to him already!

Don't worry, saaaar! One day, it'll happen. But till then, pliss to put down your hand.

Source: The Hindu

4. Suresh Raina needs to stop acting like the team's nutritionist.

Please don't do that. Unless you're Ibu Hatela. Khaayega kela?

Source: The Hindu

Stop. Even though Yuvraj Singh seems to be enjoying it.

Source: AskIdeas

5. Somebody needs to tell Shashi Tharoor that he needs shorter hair to make spikes.

We all want to follow the latest fashion trends but you just CANNOT have spikes with hair that long.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Just get a haircut, man.

Source: 24HindiNews

Or maybe, some hair gel should do the trick.

Source: EastCoastDaily

But right now, it's looking damn painful. So staph!

Source: The Times Of India

6. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal needs to stop plotting the murder of his adversaries in broad daylight.

Heard the song ankhiyon se goli maare? Well, turns out Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is the living embodiment of the song.

Source: Bura na maano

Just a small tip. If you wanna make a deadly plan, kindly don't make it in broad daylight.

Source: Shamir

And that too when everybody is present.

Source: FirstPost

7. Deepika Padukone has no clue of what's happening around her.

As a celebrity, there's so much happening around you that it's almost impossible to keep a track of EVERYTHING. But then, you gotta fake it till you make it.

Take our dear Deepika for example.

Source: Sylhet

As you can see, Deepika is still tryin' to make sense of all that's happening around her.

Source: BBC

But has been unsuccessful so far.

Source: Pintattoos

It's okay Deepika.

Source: Fadtoday

One day, understand everything, you will.

8. Somebody needs to tell Kareena Kapoor Khan about chewing gum.

Our celebrities have to keep a strong check on what they're eating in order to stay in shape. Just like Kareena Kapoor Khan who believes in eating healthy.

Like her nails.

Source: Trendyfeeds

However, there are better things to chew on out there. Take a chewing gum, for example.

Source: PP

And somebody needs to tell her that.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Like ASAP.

Source: TOI

9. Somebody needs to tell Mahesh Bhatt to change his bed sheets more often.

Dirty bed sheets=bed bugs. Bed bugs=bug bites. And bug bites=incessant itching.

Like the one Mahesh Bhatt's been doing since time immemorial.

Source: The Hindu

Mahesh ji, 7 year itch toh samajh mein aata hai, but a 12 months itch definitely means you need to keep them bed sheets clean.

Source: Ace Bollywood

In the meanwhile, ek itch guard ki tube toh banti hai.

Source: India TV

10. Aamir Khan needs to stay away from sad movies.

There are emotional people. And then there's Aamir Khan. The perfectionist can cry perfect tears at the drop of a hat.

Source: FirstPost

The solution is simple. Just stay away from sad movies.

Source: Indian Express

Also, please stop watching Dhoom:3 on a loop.

Source: FirstPost

Watch Andaz Apna Apna instead.

Source: DNA India

Practice maketh a man perfect, people. But kindly stop practicing these habits pliss.