RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Tuesday said that the lynchings would stop in India if people stopped eating beef. Not kidding. He actually said that. 

Since he seems to have found a great solution to India's lynching problem, we used his formula to find the solutions to other great problems faced by people in this country.

1. Yeah. Just be a dude.

 2. Truest words ever spoken.

 3. Chaar deewar be the true place for women. 

 4. Ghungat provides the best protection from the sun.

5. Online folks have no life anyway.  

6. Don't be gay, man.  

7. Sirf susu kar sakte hain parks mein.

 8. Visa waise bhi nahi milta. 

9. Paid media, fake news hai sab waise bhi. 

10. Sab General bharo caste certificate mein. 

11.  WhatsApp is for lame old people anyway.

12. No more period dramas, please.

13. Ye sab comedians anti-national hain. 

14. Problem solved! 

Now that you know the solutions every problem this country is plagued with, go out and save it.