Eighteen is a special age. More than the first teen year of thirteen, the sweet sixteen and any other year of one's life. The age of eighteen combines the right amount of fun with the right amount of responsibility. At eighteen, we are sprightly and are busy chasing our dreams. At the same time we are also firmly rooted among friends and family. At that age nothing seems impossible and so we are ready to invest and hope. All in all it's a happy place where we would all like to be.

Here are some signs that say you will surely be 18 at heart, forever :

1. You haven't lost the talent of rocking every ensemble you wear. You make heads turn just as you used to when you were 18!

2. Your heart continues to speak to you loud and clear and allows you to invest your all in a relationship.

3. You are ready to embrace everyday like life is a party. And you are the star of the party called life.

4. You haven't lost your love for your favorite stars and you fangirl/fanboy today just as you used to when you were younger.

5. Sitting at a desk, tapping away on the keyboard is still not your kind of thing. You retain your eccentricity about your choice of a career.

6. You never stopped celebrating your birthday the good ol' way: cake, candles, singing, birthday bumps, gifts, games and the works!

7. You find it easy to bond with everyone, irrespective of the age gap.

8. Saving up is still not a necessity for you but a choice. You believe that you earn to live. So what's the point of earning if you don't do the 'living up' bit?

9. You are a ball of energy. When people your age like to clean up and enjoy a quiet Sunday after a 6 day week, you are ready to hit the road.

10. Being grumpy and gloomy is so not your thing. You are a happy soul and nothing can change that!

11. Having a career may have become important for you, but it's still just a part of your life.

12. You retain your love for things from your past like your favorite band but at the same time you are also open to discovering new things that you might end up loving.

13. You know it very well that the past is past and the future isn't here yet. So you make each day count.

14. You will never be too old to dream big and are whole-heartedly dedicated to what you are passionate about.

15. You are still keen to learn and experience new things.

16. You don't shy away from things for the fear of failure. You are quick at getting back up on your feet and looking forward to the next thing.

17. There are things that still surprise you and you are not complaining. You WANT to be surprised, every day, every moment. Just like you used to when you were 18.

18. Most importantly, you feel 18 at heart.

The song is playing in your head right now, isn't it? Never let it stop!