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Dec 10, 2015 at 11:46

32 Incredibly Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes That’ll Turn Anyone Into A Masterchef

by Priyanjana Roy Das

Is it not everyone's dream to eat good food without having to struggle in the kitchen for long hours? A good meal is not necessarily a tedious, never ending list of procedures to be battled. It can be kept short and simple without the laundry list chasing us out of the kitchen.

Just take these 1 + 1 + 1 ingredient recipe and turn it into a perfect meal. You can now cut down on your preparation time with the recipes we streamlined for you.

Check them out.

1. Lemon Chicken

Lemon + Chicken + Olives

Marinate the chicken with lemon juice and olives. Season it to suit your taste and bake. Have this beautifully browned chicken without creating a mess in the kitchen.

Source: MarthaStewart

Find the recipe here .

2. Barbeque stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes + Chicken + Barbeque Sauce

Stuff the potatoes with chicken. Season it well. Follow the recipe and pour some barbeque sauce over it. Enjoy the spice hitting your taste buds in no time!

Source: thecomfortofcooking

Look for the recipe here

3. Tomato soup

Tomatoes + Onion + Olive oil

With winters approaching, a bowl of tomato soup is a neat kill. Who would have thought you just need three ingredients to make this super awesome delight!

Source: food52

For the recipe, click here .

4. Mac and cheese

Pasta shells + Milk + Cheddar

Have friends coming over and don't know what to do? With pasta shells, milk and some cheese, you can make an amazing plate of mac and cheese. A guaranteed hit!

Source: shemakesandbakes

Click here for the recipe.

5. Tomato cheese toast

Tomato + Cheese + Bread

If you're running late for office or need a quick bite in between your busy schedule, this recipe can save your soul. A couple of cheese slices, some tomatoes and a packet of bread, that's it. You're sorted.

Source: eatgood4life

You can find the recipe here.

6. Banana pancake

Banana + Egg + Coconut flour

There is hardly anyone who hates pancakes. Just beat up the batter with bananas, eggs and coconut flour. Have it with your favorite syrup or without. If you choose to go with it, you have made a healthy choice here.

Source: a spicyperspective

Click here for the recipe.

7. Crepes

Flour + Egg + Milk

A lighter version of pancakes, if you are in the mood for something light, go for some crepes. You can even stuff some veggies in it or have it with your favorite jam.

Source: wikipedia

You can find the recipe here .

8. No bake oreo cheesecake

Oreo + Cream cheese + Condensed milk

Who doesn't love oreos! In all its goodness, here are three ingredients with which you can easily turn it into a cheesecake. And yes, you don't have to go through all that baking jazz! Heaven on a plate, right there!

Source: YouTube

You can find the recipe here .

9. Peanut butter cookies

Peanut Butter + Sugar + Egg

For some munchies, you can just make it without any pain and store it for the times you need to grub on something.

Source: barefeetinthekitchen

For recipe, click here .

10. Salsa cheese omelette

Salsa + Cheese + Egg

Ever thought how easy it is to make an omelette? We will make it easier for you. Just drop in an egg, some cheese and seasonings in a cup, put it in the microwave, top it with some salsa sauce and there you go! Pure awesomeness packed in a cup.

Source: bestoflifemag

You can find the recipe here .

11. Baked potato

Potato + Cheese + Bacon (Optional)

Potato and cheese must be what heaven feels like. This super easy and quick recipe of baked potato is sure to make your day!

Source: bigoven

Click here for the recipe.

11. Banana ice cream bites

Banana + Chocolate chips + Chocolate syrup

Ever thought of making your own icecream? The idea sounds too fascinating to be real, right? With this easy recipe, and three ingredients of course, you can stock your fridge with your own brand of icecream.

Source: thebakermama

For the recipe, visit this page .

12. Banana chips

Banana + Orange juice + Cinnamon

This is a healthy version of banana chips. It is baked and oil free. Tangy and crisp, this is as perfect as banana chips could get.

Source: popsugar

Click here for the recipe.

13. Coca Cola chicken

Coca Cola + Chicken + Soy Sauce

Ever thought of mixing coke with chicken? This coke will give you a caramelized variation of chicken and the soy sauce will help in balancing out the sweetness. It is a must must try!

Source: moneysavingsisters

Click here for the recipe.

14. Pretzel coated grilled chicken

Pretzel + Chicken + Mustard honey sauce

Have a box of pretzels lying around in the house? Get some chicken breasts and make yourself some pretzel coated grilled chicken. Crisp and flavoursome, awesomeness dictated!

Source: lazyglutenfree

You can find the recipe here .

15. Tomato sauce for pasta

Tomatoes + Onion + Butter

Mix it with pasta, some noodles, or use it as a paste for bread, or pour it over grilled vegetables/meat, this is your SOS recipe.

Source: nytimes

You can find the recipe here.

16. Orange sorbet

Orange juice + Sugar + Salt

Don't have any desserts at home after a heavy meal? Just take some oranges and turn it into an orange sorbet! Miracles do happen.

Source: littleaccidentsinthekitchen

Click here for the recipe.

17. Pesto sauce

Olive oil + Basil + Seasonings

If you love greens, it is your elixir. Follow the recipe to create this yummy pesto sauce and store it well.

Source: simplerecipes

You can find the recipe here .

18. Grilled mojo pineapple chicken

Chicken + Pineapple + Oil

If you are that person who always orders for a tangy, sweet-sour tasting dish, this is the recipe for you. Brown your chicken with pineapple and some seasonings. Bon Apetite!

Source: myrecipes

For the recipe, visit this page .

19. Pulled pork

Pork + Root beer + Barbeque sauce

This mouth watering, delectable dish is a hands down winner. Make it with only three ingredients and well, you know, you can impress anyone in a jiffy!

Source: tablespoon

Click here for the recipe.

20. Cauliflower soup

Cauliflower florets + Butter + Seasonings

For a healthy, warm craving, make yourself some cauliflower soup. Save it for a relaxed and long winter evening and feel fit and healthy.

Source: toriavey

You can find the recipe here.

21. Coffee coconut icecream

Coffee + Coconut milk + Sugar

Well coffee and coconut milk? Why not! With two strong flavours merging into an absolutely divine flavour, this is one thing you really must try!

Source: minimalistbaker

Click here for the recipe.

22. Pasta with goat cheese

Pasta + Olive oil + Goat cheese

If you need something heavy and easy, make some pasta with goat cheese for a perfect company on a plate.

Source: realsimple

You can get the recipe here .

23. Shrimp with ginger sauce

Shrimp + Apricot + Ginger

Shrimps may look very complicated to cook but this recipe just kills it. You can now prepare your shrimp with ginger sauce in no time and yes, its a gain without any pain!

Source: foodnetwork

You can find the recipe here .

24. Chicken tacos

Chicken + Taco shells + Salsa

Tacos! Whoever made it first has all my admiration. Easy to prepare, easy to eat! This recipe makes it all the more easier. Enjoy your grub with this perfect chicken taco recipe!

Source: recipeshub

Click here for the recipe.

25. Pasta with salmon

Pasta + Heavy cream + Salmon

This is easier than A, B, C. It really is! This beautiful and easy recipe will tell you how to create magic in your plate in just no time at all. Enjoy your meal!

Source: cherryonmysundae

You can find the recipe here.

26. Banana pudding

Milk + Banana + Chia seeds

No one ever denies a banana pudding! And with this super quick and easy recipe, you will not deny your want to make yourself one every time you need to satiate your sweet cravings.

Source: mysuperchefs

Find the recipe here .

27. Grilled spiced chicken wings

Chicken wings + Olive oil + Seasonings

What is better than grilled spiced chicken wings? Nothing I can think of right now at least! With only three ingredients, it is God-level awesome! Do try it out.

Source: onceuponachef

Click here for the recipe.

28. Mexican grilled corn with cilantro

Corn + Cilantro + Lemon

Grab a corn, bake it and season it. That's it. It is THAT simple. Keep eating while working or while watching a movie or just concentrate on eating it. In all ways, it is an all time hit!

Source: bonappetite

You can find the recipe here .

29. Baked eggs in mushroom caps

Eggs + Mushrooms + Olive oil

Take some mushroom caps and break an egg into it. Bake it and season it well. Nothing could get easier and tastier than this. It is absolutely a must try.

Source: paleospirit

Click here for the recipe.

30. Chocolate mug mudcake

Cocoa powder + Sugar + Flour

Have a sudden craving for chocolate cakes and you don't want to go through the tedious process of baking a cake? We have the perfect solution for you and it is easier than beating up a cup of coffee. Just mix the ingredients, give it a nice mix, microwave it, and treat yourself to a fresh, warm, chocolate mudcake.

Source: babble

You can get the recipe here .

31. Chocolate mousse

Chocolate + Whipping cream + Water

It is the perfect dessert for all occasions! Smooth, light, chocolate-ey, please give this recipe a try.

Source: ibreatheimhungry

Click here for the recipe.

32. Magic Shell

Chocolate + Coconut oil + Ice cream

Perfectly living up to its name, it really is nothing short of magic. A must try.

Source: food52

Click here for the recipe.

Have you taken your first step to smart cooking yet?

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