Paris is going to turn even more beautiful on 27th of this September. The French capital has decided to get rid of all motorized vehicles for one day, letting people see the city in an entirely new light as it observes A Day Without Car.

As much as it’s difficult to imagine, no motor vehicle except for ambulances and the like will be allowed on the roads for one entire day to let residents and tourists enjoy the city without noise, pollution and stress.

So if you are in the city or plan to visit it on the 27th, imagine being able to hear the birds chirp even in broad daylight!

As announced in March by Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, “Paris will be completely transformed for a day. This is an opportunity for Parisians and tourists to enjoy the city without noise, pollution and therefore without stress.”

Anne Hidalgo

The move to devoid the city of its entire traffic has been made to set an example for other cities and create awareness about the increasing pollution that is posing a risk to the environment and people’s health.

While cities like Paris make conscious efforts to curb traffic pollution and other countries like Singapore deploy Certificate of Entitlement where one has to win a bid in order to own and use a vehicle, the ever-increasing traffic on the roads in India depicts the sorry state of affairs in our country.


Can we have A Day Without Cars in India too?