Today’s world runs on a superfast pace! At times, it becomes a struggle for each one of us to keep up with it. Being the restless and impatient generation, we want everything quick and NOW. And this habit has reached phenomenal heights because of the amazing technology we all own. Gone are the days when we waited for days for letters and mails. Now, texting has made our lives simpler and easier.  Thank you technology, for blessing us with the 24*7 access to ‘texting!’

It easy and so uncomplicated and have given rise to a new breed of addicts: the text-addicts. Here’s presenting 18 signs that every text-a-holic will relate to:

1. You take the word ‘instant’ of instant messaging very seriously. A few seconds is all it takes for you to reply to a text.

3. You deliberately prefer not picking up calls and then text back later! Because texts are way better when it comes to interesting conversations. Calls = Awkward

4. Your phone is loaded with texting applications. From Whatsapp, Facebook, G-talk to Viber, Hike, WeChat… you’ve got it all! ‘Zyaada hai toh behtar hai.’

5. Balance is not something very important for you. But when your Internet pack goes for a toss, life goes down as well…

6. Emoticons have made life easier for you. You are so much more expressive now!

7. You are the Admin and the life of every Whatsapp group.

8. Texting just made your relationship with your parents better than ever. Why? You text them all the time too!

9. You might fall short of words when it comes to conversing face to face; but on text, you are a social butterfly!

10. Awkward social gatherings become tolerable because you always have someone to text.

11. You are in a relationship with your phone. Your entire life revolves around your chats within your contact list!

12. Your typing speed is as fast as the speed of light!

13. Also, you are pro at texting and can type without even looking at your keypad!

14. It’s insulting when people reply to your texts with a “K” or “Hmm.”

15. Your fingers feel lost when you don’t have a phone in your hands.

16. You never keep your phone on silent because you just love the sound of your notifications. You enjoy seeing, “You have received a text message!”

17. You have a sixth sense when it comes to message alerts. Even when you are sleeping, you know you have received a text!

18. Your day begins with texting and ends with texting.

19. As a result, you have slept off plenty of times with your phone in your hands!

Text: Hey! Are you asleep? ( 2 a.m.)

You: Yes I am. But tell me? ( 2.01 a.m.)

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