Watching a television series is one of the quickest way to break the monotony of an eat-sleep-repeat existence. Getting hooked on to a TV show doesn’t take long. From randomly listening about a show to madly waiting for the next season to start, tv shows have definitely got us addicted, and how!

Here are 20 stages you will be able to relate to when you get addicted to a TV show:

1. Suddenly everyone around you seem to be talking about how awesome a TV show is.

2. You get the looks when you tell your friends you don’t watch it.

3. And then you’re like, ‘Alright. Let me give it a try,’ and download it.

4. One episode down and you think, ‘Hmmm. Not bad!’

5. “Let me watch another one.”

6. “And another one.”

7. “This is the last and then I am off to sleep. Pakka!”

8. Before you know it, you have already completed an entire season in one night.

9. You can’t wait to download the rest of the seasons and get going already.

10. Very soon, you realise that it’s been a while since you went out and did something else.

11. Every night becomes TV show night.

12. You start cancelling plans because just lying in bed and watching your fav show is so much better!

13. You fall in love with the characters and start talking like them…

14. The anticipation of what will happen next starts eating you from the inside!

15. Your social media is now all about posts related to the show and your favourite character.

16. Life seems good when suddenly you are done with the entire series.

17. “When will the next season come out?”

18. “Three months!? WTF! I am going to die!”

19. You watch the series over and over again till the trailer for the new season finally comes.

20. You feel relieved and life is good again!

And the vicious cycle doesn’t end here! You hear of a new show and the drill continues.