Contrary to prevalent belief, people who drink alcohol are at a lesser risk of dying, as opposed to those who abstain from it!

Yes, you read that right! Alcohol consumption saves you from premature death, provided you drink in moderation.

What The Fat?

A survey states that mortality rates are the highest for those who have never had liquor!

Out of the 1824 study participants, only 41 percent of the moderate drinkers died premature deaths compared to a whopping 69 percent of the population that comprised of the those who chose to stay dry. Heavy drinkers, meanwhile, had a 60 percent mortality rate.


Here’s a major revelation for those gawking in surprise…

Plausibly, alcohol proves to be a great social lubricant that greatly enhances sociability! Sociability is essential for humans to maintain physical and mental health. The nondrinkers, on the flip-side, have been shown to demonstrate far greater signs of depression. The potential circulation benefits of moderate drinking (notably red wine) also establishes the fact that raising a toast, once in a while, does wonders to the body!

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