Most people eat to live. But for some people, it is the other way around. They live to eat. Their entire purpose of existence is to eat, eat and eat some more. They don’t just love food; for them, love is food itself. And because of this, they’re always hungry.

Here are 24 things you will relate to if you are always hungry:

1. You are always hungry.

You are probably munching on something while reading this.

2. You don’t have a fixed time to eat.

Unlike others, who eat 3 square meals a day, you need 5-6 meals. Sometimes even 7.

3. Looking at someone eat is enough to make you hungry.


4. First thing you do after waking up everyday is eat.

5. And the last thing you do before going to bed every night is eat.

6. Your favourite pastime is eating.

7. No one has ever heard you say ‘no’ to food.

8. You tiffin never makes it to lunchtime.

You end up eating your lunch in the morning and then end up ordering something.

9. You always keep something to eat in your bag.

Because you never know when your tummy will start grumbling.

10. You are always confused in a restaurant because you just can’t decide which dish to leave out.

11. You stop to eat at a food joint as soon as you enter a mall.

12. You go to a food joint after you are done shopping at the mall.

13. You have a collection of pamphlets of various food joints.

14. You also have their numbers on your speed dial.

15. You stalk up food and keep it in your room.

Hunger kabhi bhi lag sakti hai, boss .

16. But even that disappears quickly.

17. You prefer meeting people over meals so you can dine while you talk.

18. People wake up in the middle of the night to drink water. But you wake up because you are hungry.

19. You have liked almost every food page on Facebook.

Even your newsfeed consists of food advertisements.

20.Your friends call you a ‘dustbin’ because whatever food they can’t finish goes straight onto your plate.

21. You eat a lot when you are happy. You eat even more when you are stressed.

22. Just this image is enough to make you hungry.

23. Half your salary is spent on food.

Sometimes more than half!

24. After reading this article, you are probably going to eat something.