There is goodness everywhere. We just need to look around. This Christmas, we bring you one such heartwarming story posted on Facebook that will help you with your Christmas cheer.

When Dick Smith was travelling by train in India, he happened to see a homeless family living under a bridge. He also saw a little girl wearing nothing but a pink bracelet. He took a picture of the family and noted down the GPS position.

He then asked Chris Bray who posted the story on Facebook and Jess if they were willing to help. Chris and Jess set out to find the family and the girl - traced Dick's instructions and in three days they found the girl and her family. They wanted to help them in any way they could and fund the little girl's education. And they managed it all, in just three days!

It was clearly not an easy task. Language barrier and other logistics included, they had to find a face in a country of 1.25 billion people. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack.

This is their wonderful story.

They started their journey from Sydney. They reached Vadodara and found a helpful receptionist, Jayati, who was willing to help them in their task by acting as their translator.

They eventually made it to the bridge, known locally as the Polytechnic Bridge or Shastri Bridge.

There were quite a few things lost in translation, leading which was their intention to help the poor family. Chris and Jess were also unable to tell the people from the people in the photograph.

The task seemed harder than ever now. So, they just took matters in their own hands and started asking around if they knew any of the people in the photograph. But it was all in vain.

Finally they found a man who was captured in the photograph.

One person led to another and finally they found the family along with the little girl with the pink bracelet. Her name is Divya and she is 8 years old.

The frightened girl started to cry because she thought she was in trouble.

They met the entire family.

The family was then taken to a bank, where Chris and Jess wanted to open an account for Divya with the mother as the guardian. Dick Smith would deposit some money in that account every month.

Things immediately started looking better for Divya and the future of her family.

Here they are all piled in an auto, including Chris and Jess, as they took the family shopping.

And here is the happy couple shining with goodness after having accomplished their mission. You can read about their entire adventure here.

As for us, we are glad for people like Chris and Jess, and of course Dick Smith, who brought us a heart-warming story in this cold Christmas season, and more importantly for reminding us the spirit of humanity is alive.

All images sourced from Facebook.