Your school classroom has undoubtedly been the setting for many a wonderful childhood memories. When you think about your classroom, one thing that had a very special prominence was the last bench. There was something about that bench at the end of the classroom. You needed to earn your place there. It was reserved for the ones who were ‘different.’ We all strived for that coveted place, and at some point, have found ourselves there.

It is difficult to explain in words what was so epic about the back bench, but if you can relate to these points, you surely are a back-bencher at heart:

1. You still don’t understand the point of sitting under the teacher’s nose.

Or in the next few rows that follow.

2. Every time you enter a classroom, your eyes automatically scan the back benches for a place to sit.

3. Your professors have always kept an eye on you.

And you have always wondered why. You are only sitting at the back not invading Iraq!

4. Everyone knows where to look if they want to spot you in a classroom.

There is a reason they call you a backbencher!

5. Whenever there is an unusual noise in the class, you have always been a suspect.

Rule of the class: every noise has to come from the back!

6. Professors have picked on you a million times with questions you have never had an answer for.

This putting-you-in-the-spotlight business just to get an answer is some teacher logic you cannot comprehend.

7. You always get punished for talking.

And you’re never alone, you also land your friends in trouble.

8. You have slept off at the back several times.

You might have a comfortable bed back home but there is something refreshing about sleeping at the back of a classroom!

9. You have also been found munching at the back many times.

Food pulled you through most of the boring lectures.

10. The thought of sitting on any other bench has often given you a mini-heart attack.

Moving to the front is like stepping out of your comfort zone.

11. And on the days that you were made to move to the front…

It felt like jail treatment!

12. The front bench kids have always judged you for sitting at the back.

13. You have heard every song in your playlist sitting back there.

Music in between lectures is just WOW.

14. You have had the luxury of cheating in exams without worry.

No professor can spot you copying at the back. What a convenient set up!

15. And texting conveniently.

16. You’ve shared dirty secrets with your friends back there.

The privacy in the back is unbeatable.

17. Some of us have also had alcohol sitting at the back.

18. Apart from the canteen, your fondest school/college memories were spent on those benches.

And with the people who sat next to you!