Every girl deserves to look like a fashionista but the huge hole that each parlour visit leaves in your pocket makes it difficult. But what if I told you there is a shortcut for everything from hair to makeup. You just need to do it right. Unbelievable, you think? Not really!

Here are some money and time saving do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty fixes that will give you a parlour-like finish every time you leave home. What's more? They're really simple and easy to do. Check them out:

1. Use your eyelash curler to make sure your eyeliner is perfect.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com

2. Use a business card to get the perfect mascara line.

Source: breakbreaker.com

3. If you want your eyes to pop, white liner or shadow is your thing.

Source: kouturekiss

4. Bought a darker shade of foundation by mistake? Don't worry. It won't go waste. Lighten it by adding some moisturizer.

Source: makeupalley.com

5. For the troubled times you run out of liner, your mascara can perform double duty.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com

6. For fuller lips apply lighter pencil in the center of your lips and see the magic!

Source: Instagram

7. Use a white liner/shadow as primer if you want your poppy eye shadow colours to really show.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com

8. Heat up your regular kohl pencil for a few minutes before going for a smudgy, ravishing look.

Source: cosmopolitan.com

9. Use Band-Aid for cute polka dotted perfect home manicures!

Source: Flickr: wonderfuldiy

10. Use a sponge to apply several colours at once. No spending a bomb to get those perfect ombre nails!

Source: diyncrafts.com

11. Apply shadow on your parting to make your hair look thicker.

Source: cosmopolitan.com

12. Use some hairspray on your toothbrush to tame those annoying fly away's.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com

13. Use a credit card to get the perfect foolproof cat eyes!

Source: beautypointofview.com

14. Contours can be as easy as number 3!

Source: www.pinterest.com

16. Cover up dark circles using concealer in a triangle shape instead of the regular dotted pattern.

Source: Pinterest

17. Hold a tissue on your lips after applying lipstick, dust some powder on top and watch it last all day. Works wonders this one!

Source: dellamoda.co

18. Make your own home made dry shampoo like this:

Source: www.mommypotamus.com

19. Save long hours and use rubber bands to fix french manicures. What an idea!

Source: paperraindrops.blogspot.com

20. Make waves last longer by flat ironing your braids. A simple perfect less than 10 minute hairdo that lasts all day!

Source: interest

With all these tricks, why visit a parlour? Get ready yourself and be a head turner at the next party!