Marriage is a major turning point in life. Whether you like it or not, life changes after marriage. With the start of this new chapter, priorities change, and many things take a back seat, like the many plans you had with your BFF. If you keep ‘waiting for it,’ you might not find enough time to spend with your best friend after getting married. So, before you get married, make sure you complete this bucket list with your bestie:

1. Do that road trip/bike trip you have been planning for ages

Haven’t we all made that one elusive plan with our bestie? The one that sounds perfect. The one that never materializes. Well, stop planning and pack your bags NOW.

2. Also, at least one random unplanned trip is a must

Many random and unexpected things happen on an unplanned trip. Who better to be spontaneous with than your best bud? This makes for one helluva memory to add to the many you have with them.

3. Explore Tinder together

Before you both get hitched, learn the rules of the love game. Tinder could be a particularly enriching experience. And with your best friend by your side, you have a wingman ready for take off!

4. Do something adventurous that throws you both off your comfort zones

Bungee-jumping, jumping off a plane, a difficult trek… challenge yourselves to an adrenaline rush. Getting out of one’s comfort zone isn’t easy. That’s why we have best friends.

5. Convince each other to get inked

You can get a tattoo anytime. You don’t need anyone for it. But plan to get one together. It may sound stupid now, but looking at it will always make you smile.

6. Visit your school/college together and reminiscence the good old days

School/college reunions are great fun, but a silent walk through the hallowed halls with the one you shared the memories with is priceless.

7. Move in together

(All the great times + all the things you love about your BFF) ^ (24×7). Do you still need to think twice?

8. Get the gang together and do a party you wouldn’t want to remember

Remember Hangover?

9. Go on blind double dates

It’s now or never. The best part about this coming back and comparing notes with your bestie.

10. Do a weekend movie marathon

While there’s still time, indulge your inner couch potato and do nothing but watch TV all weekend with running commentary from your best friend. It’s something you’ll miss doing later.

11. Cooking, driving, French, Salsa… learn something new together

Learning something new is always a great experience. It gets better when you do it with your friend. Do it now when you have the time.

12. Make detailed plans for each other’s bachelor’s party/hen’s

You owe them this. And they owe you the same. It happens once. Go all out.

Obviously it’s not like your life becomes boring and stale after you get hitched. On the contrary, there’s an unexplored world of happiness waiting for you even after marriage, so make the most of life, married or not.