Life is fast and fleeting, and full of experiences that are good and bad. There are some important things that we simply cannot seem to take time out for and there are some things we overindulge in despite their hard-hitting repercussions.

While it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them, sometimes it’s better to realize beforehand and get out of things that might hurt us later. So how about some gyaan on certain things we should back out from before it’s too late? Here are a few to let go of ASAP:

1. The torturous relationship that simply won’t seem to end.

Sometimes things just get too complicated and frustrating. It’s always advised to bow out at the right time before things get worse for you and your partner.

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2. Friends we don’t really need and friendships we don’t really mean.

All of us know plenty of people we hang on to by the thread and somewhere, deep down, live with a constant feeling of detachment. How about we end things before they become unbearably hurtful?

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3. Being ignorant and unappreciative of people who actually matter to us.

Some people, like our families for instance, make life better simply by their unconditional presence in our lives. Why take them for granted?

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4. An unhealthy lifestyle prone to sleep disorders, obesity and other health risks.

Your body is your temple. If you’ve been blessed with a tool so efficient and healthy, why not be wise enough to keep it that way?

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5. That job we hate.

You have one shot at life. And your job becomes a major part of it. Why waste it on something you know you hate and are simply slogging through just to pay your bills?

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6. Never-ending addictions.

No form of addiction is good, whether it’s smoking, alcoholism or drugs. The sooner we stop depending on things that only exist to take away the best from us the better.

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7. Chasing money and whims of materialism.

It’s important to make money and spend on fancy things for a sustainable living given the times that we live in. But think about it for a second. Is it really the most significant part of your life? You’ll have your answer.

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8. Regretting past mistakes.

Making mistakes is a part and parcel of life and feeling a little bit of regret is acceptable. But beating yourself endlessly over it isn’t. Just breathe, accept your mistakes, learn from them and move on.

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9. Not letting off our egos when we’re required to.

Ego is the worst of all evils. It creates divide and I’m sure all of us have had enough number of clashes to know how deeply it can harm us. Might as well back out when the time is right!

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10. Comparing ourselves to others.

For better or for worse, there is no greater way of insulting yourself than by comparing yourself to others. Why demean yourself like that?

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11. Failing to speak for ourselves.

Especially when you know whatever you say can make a difference! It’s only a matter of taking that brave plunge and saying what you feel is right, for you and the ones around you.

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12. Bad-mouthing others for no worthy reason.

If you cannot say anything nice about someone, it’s better to say nothing at all. You never know what might backfire. Besides, what good will it do you?

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13. Gossiping about things that have little to no significance in our lives.

It might be fun at first, and in good spirit, but why should you care about the number of guys/girls XYZ is dating anyway?

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14. Indulging in college/office politics.

They’re complicating, inessential and an utter waste of time. And from college to office, they only get more complex. In all honesty, it’s neither helping your grades/career or your personal well-being.

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15. Dishonesty and dishonest ways.

Like they say, honesty is the best policy. High time we start taking it seriously!

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16. Things we’re forcing ourselves to do.

It’s not very difficult to listen to our intuitions and let go of things we’re uncomfortable doing. Even if it is for someone we love.

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17. Procrastinating/abandoning things we need to do.

Somethings need to be done. Whether it’s for someone we love or for ourselves, if we keep making excuses for not doing things that are a must do, we’ll never get anywhere in life.

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18. Waiting for the “right time”.

The truth is that there is never a right time. Time is what you make of it. So why laze around and wait?

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19. Complicating our lives way too much, unnecessarily.

There are some problems that can be solved in a jiffy. But instead, we tend to stress over it and entangle ourselves even more. How about we take a step back and keep it simple?

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20. Limiting ourselves and settling for less.

Why settle for less when you’re capable of so much more? We tend to let negativity get the better of us. All we really need to do is to believe in ourselves and chase the stars.

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21. Being competitive about everything.

You don’t always have to be better than the rest and compete out of pride just to make a point.

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22. Finding happiness in others.

Happiness has nothing to do with people around you or the circumstances life puts you through. It comes from what’s within you and your state of mind. How about we introspect a little?

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23. Not living the present fully and always thinking about the future.

We always hope for a better future but sometimes forget to live and appreciate the present. Let’s hope it’s not too late before we understand the importance of now and what it’s giving us.

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24. Taking a backseat all the time.

Letting go doesn’t always mean you do it all the time and at the cost of your own growth. It’s important to realize when to take a backseat and when to be selfish.

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25. And be all talk instead of resorting to some real fruitful actions.

Actions speak louder than words and for a reason. They mean more and are way more liberating. After all, it’s easier to say something than to do something. Why not do more and talk less before it’s too late?

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26. Constantly fighting to achieve the ‘perfect life’.

Life is no war so why make it one? It’s a beautiful journey but may not always shine as brightly and remain as clean as this road…

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It’s time we back off from things we don’t need. It’s time we back out from complications and find true happiness and peace in things that actually matter, things that really help us grow into beautiful people.