Making mistakes is an inevitable part of life. You know what they say, if you aren’t making any mistakes, you’re probably not doing anything at all. We’ve all made our share of bad decisions. In fact, in many ways, our mistakes make us who we are today. Our mistakes shape us and define us. So, here are just a few mistakes that we’re glad we make, because they permanently changed the way things turned out for the better!

1. Dating the wrong guy/girl

It seemed like a big mistake when you finally broke up. But guess what? Dating the wrong guy/girl made you realise your worth. It gave you the strength to stand up for yourself, make better decisions and you finally figured out what you wanted from your relationships.


2. Failing an exam

You kept thinking that you’ll manage somehow and the results came like a rude shock. But now that you’ve done it once, you know better than to take things lightly.

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3. Choosing the ‘wrong’ course

Everyone around you warns you against it. It’s not lucrative, it doesn’t make sense, there is no future…but at the end of the day, it’s about what you want to do and what interests you.

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4. Not planning out your life

You were taking life easy, and it felt perfectly fine. But suddenly, you realise that everyone else around you is halfway there to success already. It hurts a little, but then once you think of all the unexpected things that came your way, you count your blessings.

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5. An unusual career choice

The initial years are agonisingly uphill, and you find yourself wishing you had chosen an easier path. But think about it, would you be happier doing something you are not this passionate about?

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6. Falling in love with your best friend

Yes, it could go horribly wrong. But if it doesn’t, it probably going to be the best thing to have happened to you.

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7. The most horrible trip of your life

It was a completely bad idea, and the trip was your worst nightmare. But years from now, it’ll all just be a funny memory to share with people, and you won’t even realise just how much you learnt from the experience.

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8. Fighting with your parents

Nine times out of ten, they know better than you and are speaking from years of experience and wisdom. But when you fight for the right reason, you parents eventually end up supporting you, and your relationship grows even stronger.

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9. Questioning what you were taught in school

You were probably hated by your teachers for it, and maybe some of them even threw you out of class. But not taking things at face value is an important lesson in itself, especially when you realise that even authority figures aren’t flawless.

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10. Cheating on your diet

You promised yourself that you will not touch another piece of cake. But honestly, is it really worth it to let go of your happiness just to look skinny?

Source: Women’s Heal Mag

11. Studying at the last moment

Definitely NOT a wise move, but it does teach you how to manage your time and deal with stress in a way that nothing else really can.

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12. Missing the train

Time is money. Now that you’ve lost them both, you’re going to remember that lesson. More importantly, think about all the adventures you can have now that your plans are completely scrapped!

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13. Saying “I Love You” too soon

“Hey, I just met you/ And this is crazy…” but we’ve all done it, and it has taught us a lot about how our minds work.

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14. Hosting a wild party at your parent’s place while they’re away

By the end of it, your house was completely trashed and you got into major trouble. But hey, it was just one time, and the party is going to make for brilliant stories for years to come.

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15. Dropping a year/taking a sabbatical

Once you decide to take a break, just about everyone will tell you what a bad idea it is. You start question your decision and guilt creeps in. But at the end, you always get back on your feet with a newfound zeal.

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16. Moving to a new city

Moving to a new place and adapting to new people can be overwhelming sometimes. You may begin to feel that leaving the comforts of home was a bad idea. But hey, you now have another place to call home. Your oyster just got a little bigger!

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Failures are the stepping stones to success, and everybody makes them. Don’t sweat it, people. Just learn and move on.