Was there always a little part of you that felt like it just needed to get away? That would probably be the work of the travel bug, and guess what? You got bitten. While everyone else works to make life stable and predictable, all you want to is to experience the unknown and soak in as much of the wonders of the magnificent world as you possibly can. If these symptoms sound familiar, you were probably born to travel (cue Rocky theme song).

1. Your passport is chalk full of the places you’ve been to and it’s still going strong.

2. You’re always the one in your group who makes the plan to get out of town.

3. You get the travel bug in a matter of weeks, regardless of whether you’ve just returned.

4. You look longingly at pictures of exotic places you cannot afford to go to at the moment.

5. But it is part of your life plan to visit these places. It’s definitely going to happen.

6. Your friends say they want to settle in the US or UK but you just want to see as many places as you can.

7. In fact, you barely understand what the term ‘settling’ means.

8. Your idea of a perfect date is a quick day trip to Neemrana or someplace similar.

9. The moment you get to know there’s a long weekend or holiday, you immediately start calling travel agents.

10. Travelling is basically your solution to everything, whether it’s de-stressing, getting over someone or just focusing on yourself.

11. You also like to meet and experience different people from different places, so travelling feels perfect.

12. Forests make you happy. Beaches make you happier. Snow makes you ecstatic. Travel is basically your favourite drug times ten.

13. You can travel with the absolute natural bare necessities. A pair of boxers and some socks and you’re sorted.

14. You can say ‘fuck’ in at least 10 languages. Great success!

15. Travelling for you is a way to get inspired. Whether it’s to write a book or make a song or just to jam under the stars, it always feels better in the unknown.

16. You don’t mind spending long hours in cramped transport as long as the destination is worth the sweat… someone else’s sweat.

17. You can pack you bags and be ready to leave in 15 mins. You’re like a travel bot!

18. Your favourite TV channel is TLC and your favourite reading material – Lonely Planet, DUH!

19. You could name the capitals of the most exotic places while you were still in your diapers.

20. You know exactly where you’re going to go for your bachelor/bachelorette party, your honeymoon, your first anniversary… It’s far out, man!

Don’t feel bogged down by the number of places you haven’t seen because the drive to travel and the willingness to try everything once is a gift to be used, not wasted.