Coffee isn’t just a beverage. It is a lifestyle. You use it as a way to wake up in the morning, you use it to stay awake through the day, and it’s the one thing you need to give your friendly meetings with a special someone a gentle push in the right direction.

Here are just a few things that only coffee lovers will understand.

1. You can’t imagine starting your day without a strong cup of coffee

2. You have tried out every variant of instant coffee available in the market and ranked them according to taste and feel.

3. You have a secret stash of cash that you have put away to invest in a good coffee machine and the best possible beans.

4. People keep telling you that you’re addicted to coffee. You are not addicted, you’re in love.

5. Even though it may not be your favourite cuisine, you visit South Indian joints for their filter coffee.

Source: The Telegraph

6. You map all the areas with the best cafes nearby.

7. You have become friends with the baristas in all the cafes you frequent, and they know your order as soon as they see you.

8. You have had fits of rage about how expensive good coffee in India is

9. Your relatives/friends have realized that choosing a gift for you isn’t difficult: coffee mugs. And you have a whole lot of them!

10. You have met people who claim to hate coffee, and you can never trust them.

11. You have spent hours in your kitchen beating coffee and water to make it nice and frothy.

12. You can’t believe the amount of sugar some people add to their coffee. It kills the natural flavour.

13. That moment when you walk into a cafe and the smell of coffee hits your nose

14. You have spent at least some time trying to find a room freshner that smells like freshly brewed coffee.

15. You are disgusted by the stuff some cafes try to pass off as coffee…

16. … and you feel pity for the people who are convinced that it really is.

17. You can’t stand the taste of the office machine coffee.

18. and you feel like you’re cheating when you drink coffee from the roadside stalls

19. You are wary of drinking coffee that you haven’t made yourself, because they probably haven’t made it the way you like it

20. True love is when someone knows the difference between Espresso, Americano, Cappucino and Latte.

21. You accept coffee in every form – ice cream, cookies, cakes

22. Gossip, studies, dates, breaks… you simply can’t imagine many of life’s interesting moments without coffee.

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Not everyone will understand the turmoils of your relationship. But then again, no one said love was easy! So go right ahead and grab your next cup.