Marriages might be made in heaven, but there are some who decide to use their common sense anyway and get to know a thing or two about their potential spouse. It always helps to do a background check.

Plus, it’s always better to back off instead of taking a bad decision. So what if it’s at the last moment?

Like this bride did, after she found out that her groom didn’t even know basic maths.

According to a report by The Times Of India, Khushboo Saxena of Agra was all set to marry Omveer Singh.

Omveer’s kin had told Khushboo’s parents that he was a graduate.

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However, on the day of the marriage, Khushboo grew suspicious when someone told her that Omveer was fumbling while chanting the mantras.


Khushboo then asked Omveer to dial a number on her phone at which he failed.

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She then announced that she wanted to test Omveer’s knowledge, to which the groom and his cousins agreed.

Khushboo then gave Omveer some coins and asked him to add them up, which he couldn’t.

She then gave him her smartphone which he failed to operate. And that was the final nail on the coffin.

Omveer told Khushboo that he couldn’t give the correct answer since he was ‘distracted by the DJ’.

Yeah, right.

Both the parties reached an amicable decision to call off the wedding and return each other’s gifts.

Isliye kehte hain ki padhai kahin bhi kaam aa sakti hai.