Some people picture a big, yummy burger every time food is mentioned. They always notice the big M sign on the roads and have no qualms about eating burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They drive other people mad with their addiction to burgers but for them, good food begins and ends with burgers.

So here are 15 signs that you are completely addicted to burgers:

1. McDonald’s is your second home.

2. 66000666. You know the McDonald’s home delivery number by heart.

3. At any restaurant, you don’t need the menu to place an order. You already know you’re going to have a burger.

4. That orgasmic feel when you take the first bite of the burger.

5. You have tried every burger on every menu at every restaurant.

6. Fixing a meal for yourself is never too tough. All you need is a bun and a patty.

7. You have a lot of ketchup sachets lying around at home.


8. “Not burgers!” It’s the first thing your friends and family members say when they ask you what you want to eat.

9. Your friends keep challenging you about some new burger that you won’t be able to finish.

10. You never order French Fries. They come complimentary.

11. Every visit to the mall begins or ends with a visit to the burger joint.

12. One of the main reasons you look forward to an overseas trip is to visit Burger King.

13. When you go burger binging with friends, the ones who can’t finish their burgers automatically hand them over to you.

14. Get togethers and parties are very economical for you. It’s just burgers after all!

15. Chances are that after reading this listicle, you desperately want to have a burger.