Horror films are made to scare us and hence they do. And whether we like to admit it or not, some of them can be very horrifying! But for you, it’s a little more complicated than that. These films frighten you a notch extra and no matter what you do to get out of that dubious freak-show, your mind doesn’t let you! And the less said about the after-effects the better!

Here are 21 things you’ll relate to if you simply cannot handle horror films.

1. You get nightmares just by the thought of watching a horror film.

2. You can’t sleep after watching one.

In fact, most often you sleep with the lights on!

3. You get nightmares for the next few days/weeks.

4. You want to stop thinking about the film but you can’t.

5. Some of these movies are so gross they make you want to puke.

6. You never watch a horror movie by choice.

It is always someone else who forces you to watch.

7. Your friends make fun of the fact that you can’t handle horror films.

8. And so, just to prove them wrong, you watch these films.

And regret later!

9. You sit through the entire movie with an anxious face and a heavy heart.

10. Every time the frame changes, you jump a little on your seat.

11. You just cannot handle darkness after the movie.

12. Neither can you be alone. You need someone with you at all times. Even when you go to the bathroom!

13. The scene keeps replaying in your head over and over again no matter how hard you try to shut it out.

14. You can’t go to that creepy corner of your house.

15. When you’re flipping channels and some horror movie comes on the screen, you promptly change again.

16. You get paranoid about some paranormal presence in your house.

17. Suddenly, everything around you seems to relate to the film you just saw.

From all the objects around you to the people, everything!

18. The comedy scenes don’t make you laugh because you’re scared shitless.

19. To make things worse, you end up Googling ghostly existence.

You don’t know why you do this to yourself.

20. When you sleep, you make sure all parts of body are safely tucked in.

21. But no matter how much a horror movie freaks you out, you know it won’t be the last one you watch.

Because of the evil friends you have!

At least you’re glad about the badly-made Bollywood films. They don’t scare you as much as the Hollywood ones!