The devastating Chennai floods have proved to be hellish for the people who live there. While the national media eventually rose up to the task of covering the details of the disaster, the one voice that has clearly been missing is that of the local Chennai-ite, who’s seen the what’s what of the recent events.

Thankfully, Reddit user Shwinstet, who lives in Chennai, hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session , which can help others understand what it felt like being stuck in that situation.

We’ve taken a few snapshots from it. Check it out.

User agentbigman asked – “Did you get any help from – Local Municipality, State Government, Central Government or Army/NDRF/Air Force?If so, what kind of help and how effective were they?Second Question, Did you interact with any Police officers (Local and traffic both), People working at electricity plants? How did they behave and react?”

User bhikari_sagna asked – “How was life without any internet? I’m being serious.”

User INDIANREDDITO asked – ” Which area were you stuck?

And then one person had a lot of questions.

Which were promptly answered.

User beautific asked – “How are people coping with the disaster? How is the vibe like, in general? Are people pissed enough to make changes to the landscape, when this is over?”

User gordon_ramaswamy asked – “How are things now? Are your house and belongings fine?”

You can view the entire AMA session here , and if you have any questions for Shwinstet , do post them there. Mind you, seeing how the connectivity is a huge issue there, his replies might not be prompt. So, please be patient.