I think people get addicted to all the wrong things. Like liquor or cigarettes or worse. Chocolate. Now that’s a thing to get addicted to. Here are a few signs that like me, you too are addicted to chocolate.

1. You have spent half your childhood binging on Diary Milks & Nutties.

2. You get more excited on hearing ‘Ferrero Rocher’ than you get on hearing “Ferrari.”

3. You’re a bonafide Nutella maniac.

4. This is what you think when someone says “Kisses.”

5. And this is what you think of when someone says “hugs.”

6. You don’t put Hershey’s chocolate syrup in your milk, you put milk in your Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

7. You don’t mind getting ‘Eclairs’ instead of spare change at the grocery store.

8. Your favourite sweet dish whenever you go out is, ‘Death by Chocolate!’ It’s just chocolate with layers of some more chocolate, garnished with some chocolate. Chocolate.

9. Pastries, brownies & chocolate muffins are the only things that catch your eye in a bakery.

10. You believe that milk chocolate is fine. As long as it gets paired with dark chocolate.

11. You hate it when people smear birthday cake on someone’s face. What a sheer waste of good chocolate!

12. CCDs & Baristas are not coffee shops for you. They’re more like dessert parlours.

13. You go crazy when you encounter molten chocolate.


14. If you get a chance, you pop a chocolate before you brush your teeth in the morning. That feel.

15. This is how you feel when someone takes the last piece from a box of assorted chocolates.

You’re a chocolate freak. And proud of it!