Love is a wonderful feeling. Falling in love makes one happy, makes life beautiful. But it also brings a lot of problems in its wake. There's the pressure of being a perfect lover, of not messing it up. And some of us don't want to sign up for it. Lo and behold! Chocolate comes to the rescue.

Falling for chocolate comes naturally to most of us. Chocolate doesn't know how to be demanding, moody or dishonest which makes it so natural for us to love it. Here are fifteen reasons that show why falling for chocolate is better than falling in love:

1. You know chocolate will always be tall, dark and handsome!

2. It's not fake and sugary. It's genuinely sweet.

Not to sweep you off your feet. It's just honestly sweet and not overtly so.

3. They say all the good men/girls are already taken. Thankfully there are still many many charming chocolates to pick from!

4. Chocolate may make you fat, but it will NEVER EVER EVER call you FAT.

5. Neither will chocolate ask you that tricky question: "Am I looking fat?"

Chocolate knows exactly how fat it is and in fact carries the information printed on its clothes for all to see.

6. Chocolate is unpretentious. All that is promised outside lies inside. You can't say that about love now, can you?

7. Chocolate is always impeccably dressed...

8. ... but you need not dress up for chocolate.

9. Chocolate will never have any mood swings.

So you won't have any of those pointless fights which are a part and parcel of regular relationships .

10. On the other hand, chocolate will soothe you when you experience too many mood swings.

Because it contains MAGIC!

11. Love demands loyalty, while chocolate sets you free. Because, you can flirt with as many chocolates as you want.

12. Your love may not be as intense as you want it to be, but chocolate always is.

Look at that luscious temptation and say it isn't love at first sight!

13. It smells heavenly all the time!

And consistently.

14. People in love grow tired of each other. But chocolate you can only love more with every passing moment.

Source: Tumblr

15. It's hard to understand what love is, but chocolate understands you and gives you what you need.


All hail chocolate!