What comes to your mind when you imagine a country’s border? Barbed wire, steel fences, barren fields and armed guards? Borders have always represented ‘NO ENTRY’ and restriction. But what if we gave them a new meaning? What if borders stood for warmth and friendship? What if borders welcomed instead of turning away?

Well, these pictures of country borders will restore your faith and make you believe that borders are just mere lines on our play field and love is still too big to bury.

Belgium – Netherlands

Poland – Ukraine

Sweden – Norway

Canada – USA

Mexico – USA

Belgium – Netherlands – Germany

Bangladesh – India

China – India

Portugal – Spain

Austria – Slovakia – Hungary


Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay

Ethiopia – Somaliland

Germany – Netherlands

Spain – Morocco

Italy – Vatican City

India – Nepal

Malaysia – Singapore

India – Myanmar

Venezuela – Brazil – Guyana

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