Cousins are the perfect best friends to have. They are related to us, not around us all the time like annoying siblings, and yet, we meet them often enough to be really close to them and always look forward to meeting them again. While some of us might not be too close to our cousins, many of us are lucky to find a very good friend in them. Here are 24 tell-tale signs that you've found a best friend in your cousin:

1. The two of you have grown up together and know every little detail about each other.

You know A-Z about each other. Be it your love life, sex life, or family life!

2. You don't feel awkward while talking about your dysfunctional families and weird relatives.

Both of you can happily bitch about your families.

3. Most people confuse you two to be siblings instead of cousins!

4. Your cousin can spend endless hours at your place and you at his/her's without any problem.

5. You've way too many awesome memories to reflect back on and share each time you meet.

6. And so you're never out of topics to talk about. There are just too many common topics to discuss.

7. When you have news, your cousin is the first person you want to share it with.

8. Family gatherings are never boring!

9. Neither are family vacations!

You look forward to a fun time!

Source: Source: pixshark

10. You're very comfortable sharing your problems with your cousin.

11. You are your crazy self without any inhibitions when they're around.

They've known your past and have watched you grow up. They know exactly how you feel about everything.

12. The two of you never have any awkward meetings even if you're meeting after ages!

13. In fact, you don't feel you have to catch up on anything because you're always in touch!

14. All your friends know your cousin.

15. Your family never questions the late-night parties you go to with them.

No justification required.

16. You depend on your cousin for advice just like others depend on their friends!

17. Your cousin is also your 3 AM friend.

18. You do all the crazy, childish things with your cousin.

19. Even if there are family feuds, they don't affect you and your cousin. The two of you are unbreakable!

20. You've known each other long enough to have private self-made rituals that most people don't understand.

21. Your other cousins never seem to understand the bond that you two share.

22. Both of you cover for each other when shit goes wrong!

23. Your cousin is your oldest friend, who's always had your back despite the petty, childish fights.

You can be completely honest with each other about everything.

24. And even if things go wrong between you and your other friends, you know your cousin will never leave your side.

You'll never be left alone.

You're glad there is more than just family that connects the two of you. Otherwise life wouldn't have been the same. Cheers to that special cousin!