For us girls, fathers are special. When we look for a life partner, we try and find someone who has some similar qualities like that of our dad’s. Our haven, our guide, and our best friend, they are the ones who protected us from the sneers of men, gave us strength and held our hands when we were too scared. The ones who did not give a damn when a neighbour commented, ” Aapki ladki ladko ke saath kaafi dosti rakhti hai,” and also the ones who stayed up all night to open the door for us when we came late.

No matter how old you get, dads always remain special. But how many times do we actually get to tell them this? If you too, like me, haven’t told your dad how much you love him, watch this beautiful video with him. And he’ll know!

Watch the heart touching video here:

Go ahead ladies, call your old man. I’m pretty sure he misses you as much as you miss him.