Traditionally, fathers' have been considered responsible to nurture children with only financial support and limit-setting, but, it is criminal for one to overlook how much fathers contribute to children's self-reliance, social competence, emotional stability and ability to nurture relationships with others.

Let's face it, a fathers' love has always been given a second place to a mothers' love in society. Dudes spend their entire life ignorant of their progenitors true affection, not realising that they've only ever spoken 5 words to their father; can I have some cash?

These photos will show you compelling reasons to be more appreciative of your father.

A father will always want you by his side

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They take no breaks during play time.

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Because fathers do things like this with their children.

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They are protective of you.

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They always want you to be in good health.

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Some fathers do NOT play around when it comes to playtime.

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They help you out when mom asks you to go to bed and stay there.

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They involve you in their most intimate scenes.

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They can have a great sense of humour. (However, I advise Indian kids to avoid being this liberal with their fathers)

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They want you to always keep learning.

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They can get very protective sometimes.

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But they'll always listen to what you have to say.

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They want you to return the affection sometimes.

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Because sometimes you won't remember their affection.

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It's scary how similar you are to your father.

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Maybe it's because intrinsically, you always feel 'one' with your father.

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There are too many moments of bonding which you won't get to remember, but he will.

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Of course, some moments you both won't remember, but you'll still feel a stronger bond anyway.

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Eventually, you'll realise that you were meant to get along with each other.

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" A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be." - Frank A. Clark

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