Traditionally, fathers’ have been considered responsible to nurture children with only financial support and limit-setting, but, it is criminal for one to overlook how much fathers contribute to children’s self-reliance, social competence, emotional stability and ability to nurture relationships with others.

Let’s face it, a fathers’ love has always been given a second place to a mothers’ love in society. Dudes spend their entire life ignorant of their progenitors true affection, not realising that they’ve only ever spoken 5 words to their father; can I have some cash?

These photos will show you compelling reasons to be more appreciative of your father.

A father will always want you by his side

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They take no breaks during play time.


Because fathers do things like this with their children.


They are protective of you.

Lazy Palace

They always want you to be in good health.

Tribun Internasional

Some fathers do NOT play around when it comes to playtime.


They help you out when mom asks you to go to bed and stay there.


They involve you in their most intimate scenes.

Circo Viral

They can have a great sense of humour. (However, I advise Indian kids to avoid being this liberal with their fathers)

Bro My God

They want you to always keep learning.


They can get very protective sometimes.


But they’ll always listen to what you have to say.


They want you to return the affection sometimes.


Because sometimes you won’t remember their affection.

Today Parents

It’s scary how similar you are to your father.


Maybe it’s because intrinsically, you always feel ‘one’ with your father.


There are too many moments of bonding which you won’t get to remember, but he will.


Of course, some moments you both won’t remember, but you’ll still feel a stronger bond anyway.


Eventually, you’ll realise that you were meant to get along with each other.


A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be.” – Frank A. Clark