They say its really tough to find the girl of your dreams. Well, that's a load of bull. Just date a girl who drinks beer. Here's why;

1. You'll never have to pretend to know stuff about wine. It'll be beer all the way.

2. What’s more epic than smashing beer cans on your head with your bros? Smashing beer cans on your head with your girlfriend.

3. Great times with your girl will be as simple as a six pack.

4. When she'll hand you a cold Bud at the end of a rough day, you will know that you have won in life.

5. She’ll watch English Premier League with you. And she'll call it "football," not "soccer."

6. She’ll never give you a hard time for spending money on a beer helmet. Just don't nick her beer, or there'll be hell to pay.

7. You can have burping contests with her!

8. She'll gel with your guy friends. 11 out of 10 bros will approve.

9. Because a girl who drinks beer is less likely to have a Dad like this;

10. And finally, you'll be able to do this and not piss her off.

Gifs via Giphy , Imgur