These pictures of David Beckham will show you that the stunning footballer would be perfect for the role of James Bond for the next movie.

It all started 2 years ago, when Victoria Beckham light-heartedly said that David Beckham should play the role of James Bond and many fans (including us) just couldn’t seem to forget this idea. Recently, the Daily Star reported that he is considering playing the role, but the actor later clarified that he is not. But as they say, it is tough to un-think when you have already thought about it.

He is classy, even when it’s not a James Bond movie


And the man redefines charm.


The man takes suave to another level…


… and is hotter than every Bond there has ever been.

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The man knows how to flash his gadgets with finesse


… and is also very natural around ladies.

He can be tough when required…

… and still look dazzling.


… and breathtakingly handsome.


The man can hold his drink right


… and is the talk of the town.


Here’s our tailor-made man for a Bond movie


And it’s not just the looks, even his lucky number is so vocal about the similarities.

It’s such a shame that he is not even considering playing the role because he would have turned heads around.

(All gifs sourced from Giphy)