Every city has its own drinking culture. Dublin has one. Berlin has one. London has one. But aren’t we forgetting something?

What about our very own Delhi? It might not always be fancy and it might not always be legal, but one thing is for sure, it is incredibly unique and if done right, it’s awesome fun.  So without further ado, here are the Delhi Drinking Diaries.

1. Gurgaon is the Mecca for late night beer runs.

2. “You take it neat? You must be a bad-ass.”

3. Drinking without Tandoori Chicken is a cardinal sin.

4. “I don’t want none, unless it’s a 1+1.”

5. It’s perfectly okay to drink inside your car.

6. It’s also perfectly okay to drink ON your car.

7. Puking is a sign of weakness.

8. Unless you’re doing it yourself.

9. Royal Stag at home, JD in the club.

10. Drunk driving is a status symbol. #YOLO

11. Vodka is for the ladies. Rum is for guards. Beer is for boys. Whiskey, now there’s a man’s drink.

12. Small: 30 ML. Large: 60 ML. Patiala: FTW

13. No party’s a party without Yo Yo Honey Singh.

14. Wednesday is the new Friday.

15. Being a stag is a giant drag.

16. Win: Booze in Delhi is cheaper than in Mumbai.

17. Fail: No home delivery.

18.Project X? Bitch please. Ever heard of “Project Farm-House?”

19. Need a party on wheels? Plastic cups to the rescue!

20. Have to face angry parents at home? Chewing gum to the rescue!

21. See “Naaka” (Police Check-Post) in the distance? “Keep Calm and reduce speed, reduce volume, open windows and carry on.”

22. “On the rocks” means your glass should be overflowing with ice-cubes. Classy yo!

23. Your reaction when the bar closes at 12.

24. “Bhaiya, ek Deewaar dena.”

25. Reach 5 mintues before Happy Hours end. Order everything!

And this is you the morning after.