Have you ever watched a movie on mute? Without the songs, rhythms and background score, it’s just some random people doing random (often, everyday boring) things. Background music puts the fun into the movies. It’s what makes them larger than life. I mean come on, we all have that one friend who watches horror movies without the soundtracks just because they’re too scared to watch it with sound!

Come to think about it, our lives are no less than movies really. People don’t realise how epic regular things really are, because they can’t hear a background music to go with it. Here are just a few of those situations. I’m sure there are many more!

1. When you’re doing something embarrassing and people catch you in the act.

2. When you park your car from a really tight spot like a boss.

3. When you get into a metro or a elevator half a second before the door closes.

4. When you make a grand entry in a party, knowing that you’re looking great.

5. When you’re sure you have looked everywhere and you just can’t find your phone.

6. When you look at the question paper and you realise you don’t know anything!

7. When your mother finds the report card you have been hiding from her for weeks.

8. When your girlfriend sends you a “we need to talk” sms.

9. When you’re about to pay the auto guy and you realise you have only ten rupees in your wallet.

10. The first time your crush speaks to you.

11. When the team you were rooting for wins the game.

12. When you totally own your opponent with an epic comeback.

13. When you take a catch that you weren’t even ready for.

14. When you’re home alone and tucked into bed at night, and you hear a sound right outside your door.

15. When you’re speeding down the highway with your friends with nothing to worry about.

16. When someone asks you out, and you’re totally not prepared.

17. When you hit someone’s car, and you see them getting out for a fight.

18. When you spot that expensive dress you’ve been dreaming of… at a sale!

19. When your food finally comes and it is looks wonderfully delicious.

20. When you chug a beer like a boss!


All GIFs sourced from here and here, unless otherwise stated.

Some things in life deserve a background score, you guys! So keep playing your music in your head, and before you know it, life will get way more awesome!