Apocalypse is upon us and the irksome manifestation of that is technology. Technology is a double edged sword; it is essential, at the same time it is tearing us apart, courtesy our excessive dependence on it.

Taking this whole ‘digital revolution’ into perspective, artist Antoine Geiger has come up with digitally altered photo series called ‘SUR-FAKE’ to depict how technology is actually sucking our souls.

Almost all of us have fallen prey to smartphones and ‘being connected 24×7’. Be it long metro rides, or in the comfort of our sofas, we never really seem to let go of our phones. Today’s homo-sapien can be best described as a “digital zombie”.

The blur in photos masks out any emotion on the faces of those captured, which is symbolic of losing “self identity”.

Antoine highlights the abomination that this digital revolution has ushered-in, in the form of selfies, mindless gaming, chatting etc.

Is technology acting like a dementor from Azkaban in your life?