There are enthusiastic people and then there is your friend. Their animated, joyous selves are so upbeat and out of the world that at times, you feel they’re perpetually high on some alien drug. You love them the way they are but admit it! It is a little difficult for you to match with their in-built, ever-growing zeal, despite you exaggerating yours, at your best!

Here are 12 things you go through if you’re friends with an overenthusiastic person.

1. You don’t understand how they’re always excited.

It’s humanly impossible to remain euphoric all the time. Guess who is defying it on a daily basis?

2. You look dull in front of their overenthusiastic smile in almost every photograph you have with them!

It’s amazing how their enthusiasm surpasses photographs. And totally unfair because you’re completely overshadowed.

3. You can feel their enthusiasm across texts as well!

Texting them is like watching a film of emojis cover your chat screen. They use way too many and you’re like ..

4. But you are never bored when they’re around.

Their excitement often transcends onto you. Quite a bonus!

5. You’re never out of plans with them. They always come up with one.

In fact, even on days you’re feeling low and lazy, they end up planning something with you!

6. You wonder how even the simplest of things can manage to excite them!

For instance, how can someone find a random dog peeing on the street exciting?

7. When they do something overtly enthusiastic in public, you look for a place to hide your face because they’re that loud.

You’re tired of facing judging looks from everyone and then telling them that your friend is absolutely normal and not phony or pretentious.

8. They’re always giving you gyaan on how to make your life exciting.

Your life may already be exciting. But, because you don’t share a similar kind of zeal, you get lectures on how-to-make-life-interesting. Just unfair!

9. They keep the energy of all your parties up and running!

They can do just about anything to keep the party going. Just anything..

10. Sometimes their over-enthusiasm is just too much for you and you only wish for them to calm down a little.

But never happens! It’s like asking them for their kidney!

11. In fact, their eagerness and excitement has often gotten you into trouble.

Remember the time when they rushed you to a movie and because of their excitement you forgot to keep your house keys? Yes, that’s what I am talking about!

12. You always know when they’re going through a hard time.

Their energy drops to a level 0. But you know exactly what to do for them to cheer up.

They might come with excessive enthusiasm. But, one thing you know for sure: without them, your life would definitely lack enthusiasm!