Let’s face it, being a woman is NOT easy. From the periodically occurring blood-leak to all the every day kind-of-self-imposed grooming tasks to our careers, is there anything we ever leave out? Absolutely nothing! We want it all and we want it right now. Only if life would cut us some slack!

Here are 24 everyday problems all women can relate to. Wish there was an end to it all! *A girl can only wish!*

1. Is there any kajal that stays put throughout the day?

2. It’s either “kuch laga le” or “why do you look so sick?” Huh!

3. When you know your hair hates you.

4. Every. Single. Time.

5. Damn you, monsoon!

6. Fickle-minded us!

7. What and how you thought you’d carry it all day! #disappointed

8. You against the sun. The sun wins every time!

9. Nothing can be done about the sweat or the rash that might be bothering you down there. I know, life is unfair.

10. Goodbye, dear white one! *sobs*

11. Effort gone waste.

12. A never-ending cycle.

13. *Gasps for air with a smile on the face*

14. Feels like a strength training session at the gym.

15. Have to buy matching stuffs too, right?

16. Mood kiya , pehen liya . Regretting now.

17. How it magically moves from my face to the glass.

18. Why do we even clean?

19. Despite the warnings…

20. Resist the urge once. Twice. Fine, thrice. Now what?

21. Absolutely pointless.

22. It’s amazing how all my good clothes get lost in my closet.

23. Outing plans to stomach cramps. Gah!

24. Solution to this: *Just-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck*

Damn you, first world women problems!