We have all kinds of friends: cool ones, mad ones, funny ones, sad ones. The list is endless. But there is always this one person in our friends circle who seems to be on good terms with everyone. You can never understand how they do it, but everyone loves them. They are invited to all the parties and no one gossips about them. What a life!

Here are a few signs that you are friends with everyone you know:

1. You are everybody’s confidante

Your head must be a chamber of secrets by now.

2. You are invited to every party

You have to attend my party, dude.

3. You always get a lift after parties

Want a ride home?

4. You are always the mediator when your friends fight

No one messes with your friends.

5. You might forget others’ birthdays but no one forgets yours

It’s not easy to be friendly, but it does pay.

6. You are always busy texting. Everyone shares his/her daily activities with you.

So much to discuss, so little time.

7. Deciding who all to invite for your birthday party is very tough

Finally, you end up inviting everyone.

8.You never get bored in a party/outing. You know everyone.

I never run out of friends. Now, that’s talent.

9. No one gossips about you. They gossip with you.

It makes life simpler and fun

10. If you get in a tiff, everyone backs you

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

11. In a party, you will feature in everyone’s selfies

This is so much fun.

12. You know who’s dating whom. You are a ‘know it all’.

It feels like God.

13. Wherever you go, you keep bumping into people you know

Do you know everyone in the city?

14. You never go alone for a movie. If one friend is busy, you simply call the other one.

Is it always that easy for you?

15. ‘Common friends’ is a common term for you.

On the rare occasion that you meet someone you don’t already know, you will have discovered 10 common friends you both have in less than 5 minutes.

Take a bow, my friend. It might look glamorous on the outside, but it is no mean feat to be everybody’s friend. And if you can keep up with it then you truly deserve all the friends you have!