We couldn’t agree more. Everything lies in the eyes. The world around us is a mobile photograph of what our eyes see, and technically speaking, half of the things we speak, feel, do and perceive, are first reflected in them. After all, they’re the closest to our mind.

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”

Now here’s the interesting part. Recent studies suggest that our eyes can tell quite a lot about our personality. Scientists at Obero University conducted a small research on a bunch of 428 odd people to come to the conclusion that our eyes really are the window to our sou l . Dr Anthony Fallone of Edinburgh University also found similar results . Hence, we decided to give you guys a look into yourself just by going with the colour of your eyes. Find out here:

Dark Brown/Black

eyes colour personality
Source: duocthienphuc

Pure black eyes are one of the rarest to find. It’s mostly a very dark shade of brown. In this case, you’re a natural born leader or at least that’s how people see you. You’re mysterious, confident and intuitive. Since your eye colour is on the darker side, there is more melanin in your system; which means you tend to drink less . You’re also trustworthy and dependable, but secretive by nature. Extremely hardworking and practical, you’re equally passionate and optimistic, and always show the world your true worth. You’re also likely to be better at tennis .

Flaw: You’re most often reluctant to make friends or fall in love. Trust issues throughout.

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Light & Medium Brown

eyes colour personality
Source: Dailymail

Fun-loving, caring and easy-going usually defines you. You’re independent, polite and love making new friends. Much like the colour brown, you’re grounded and don’t really care about the worldly possessions. You’d, in fact, go out of your way to help the ones in need. You’re determined and self-confident, yet find it difficult to express yourself. In any case, you’re a great lover/partner to count on.

Flaw: Practicality tends to take a backseat in front of love and care for your dear ones.

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eyes colour personality
Source: Lowbird

A beautiful mixture of brown and grey, you’re one of the elegant ones. You’re positive, fun-loving and always up for adventures. You tend to go with the flow, adapt to situations easily and most often, get bored with monotony. A courageous and brave-heart, you love to try new things. You have a mischievous and sensual side too.

Flaw: You’re prone to have temper issues and your relationships don’t last too long, unless you’re a 100% sure that you’ve found the one.

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eyes colour personality
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You put on a strong demeanour, but are actually quite gentle and wise. You don’t generally fool around, and take everything, from professional work to love and romance, very seriously. If you have dark grey eyes, you’re either an exceptionally well-balanced person or are two-faced, that is you’re different with different people, based on whichever is convenient for you. If it’s light grey, then you might have to work a little harder in asserting yourself, and be a little less on-guard all the time.

Flaw: If you have dark grey eyes, you tend to be very difficult to trust. If you have light grey eyes, your seriousness sometimes steals the fun out of you.

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eyes colour personality
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You’re a mixture of the brown and the blue, strong but cautious at the same time. You have an air of mystery around you and are like a gust of fresh air in general. You’re intelligent, curious and pursue life passionately. Compassion, youthfulness and vibrancy becomes you and thus, most people find you attractive and desirable.

Flaw: You tend to get jealous very easily.


eyes colour personality
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You possess great inner strength and poise, but people tend to misjudge you a lot. You come across as either too timid or too egoistical, where as you’re neither. You simply don’t express much. Peaceful, smart, kind and full of youth and life, perfectly describes you. You tend to have long-lasting relationships and are one of the most desirable eye colours of the lot. You are a brilliant strategist with great concentration skills.

Flaw: Your inquisitive and cautious nature often comes across as aloof to onlookers.

Interesting, right? Feel free to share if they hold true for you or not.