If all goes according to plan, eating real meat could soon be a thing of the past. Beyond Meat is a startup company that has been attracting all kinds of good attention recently, thanks to the fake meat they manufacture using a patented technology and plant products.

According to Business Insider , founder Ethan Brown had a few choice words to say about why we as a people need to start avoiding meat in the first place. "Raising livestock is an incredibly inefficient way of producing protein. It takes a lot of land, a lot of energy, and a lot of water just to generate one pound of meat from an animal. About 30% of the animal is meat we eat; the rest is not useful," Brown said. "By manufacturing meat, we can simultaneously solve four problems."

The 4 problems he's talking about solving here are climate change, animal welfare, natural resources, and human health.

Source - Beyondmeat

"A lot of people are uncomfortable with the way animals are slaughtered today," he said. "But we also have an unnatural number of animals living today, and when they breathe, they're expelling carbon. In fact, the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions globally is livestock. It's not automobiles, it's not power plants, it's livestock."

The revolutionary product even caught the attention of Bill Gates and the founders of Twitter, who have all invested in the venture.

In fact, Gates even tried a chicken taco from Beyond Meat, and claimed the texture, taste and smell were so precise that he couldn't tell the difference between the real and fake meat.

Source - Forbes

According to Bill Gates, this is the future of food.

Featured Image: Houston Press