More dangerous than the Bermuda Triangle, more difficult to get out of than a maximum security prison – yes that’s the friend-zone. It’s the one thing every guy dreads but ultimately end up entering at least once in his life. Here are 10 things only guys in the ‘Friendzone’ can understand.

1. She tells you ridiculous things like “You’re so amazing. Any girl would be lucky to have you as her boyfriend.”

2. She makes plans with you because her boyfriend wasn’t free and then cancels on you at the last minute because guess what he got free.

3. You spend hours and hours talking to her everyday for years but the moment you confess you have feelings for her she labels you as “a typical guy”.

4. You go shopping with her, frequent salons with her and basically turn into her girlfriend.

5. You feel like jumping off a cliff every time she goes on and on about the amazing date she had.

6. She keeps bringing up “Thank god you don’t try to hit on me. That’s why I like you.”

7. She tells you about the horrible fights she’s had with her boyfriend but gets back with him the very next day.

8. You share your deepest darkest most innermost secrets with her thinking she’ll realize you love her but no! That’s never going to happen!

9. Everyone around you, including her friends and your friends, realise you love her except for her.

10. She describes you to her friends and others as “the nicest guy I know”.