For a lot of us, going out alone is a big brave step to take. We assume that people would judge us as creepy loners who have no friends, or couldn’t find anyone to accompany us. Let’s face it, even most of us who claim to ‘not give a shit about what people think’, would not ‘dare’ to go out alone. Kyunki apni image humein pyaari hai. But, reasons as these shouldn’t deter you from experiences that you’d actually enjoy. Research backs the fact that we are missing out on having a good time in our own company because of ill-grounded fears.

A study (the article will be published in the August issue of Journal of Consumer Research) conducted by University of Maryland’s Rebecca Ratner and Georgetown University’s Rebecca Hamilton revealed how people fear going out alone. The study was conducted on Indian, American and Chinese recipients, who anticipated it wouldn’t be as much fun going solo as it is with a group. According to the study, most of these fears are based on irrational inferences, and recipients actually ended up enjoying activities alone, more than they anticipated they would’ve with a group.

Now that you know, don’t wait for people; if you want to do something, go ahead and do it alone. Besides, it is in your own company that you will start enjoying mundane activities better and find newer perspectives. Most thinkers are loners know how to enjoy their own company.