Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the entire Western Hemisphere, but that fact isn’t really driven home until you get a glimpse of how some of their people survive. For the Haitian poor, hunger is a constant state of being, and they have to go to extreme lengths to stay alive. One of the main items of food being eaten by adults and children alike are ‘dirt cookies’, made of butter, salt and the key ingredient – dirt. On a good day, they might add a spoon of sugar in as well.

Pretty obviously, these biscuits hold no nutritional value, and work simply to keep these poverty stricken individuals alive.

“It makes us sick, but we have no choice, we have to eat them. The sacks of dirt are brought in from nearby mountains, and the cookies are prepared over a period of a few days.”

In this day and age, no human should have to resort to eating dirt, let alone an entire community of people. It’s heartbreaking to see the struggle of the people in this video, and we wonder what kinds of physical effects this will have on them, especially the growing children. Watch the video from Worldfocus below.