“Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!”

There are friends and then there are harami friends. Most guys have at least one of these awesome creatures in their lives and if he happens to be your best friend, then your life’s nothing less than a Pandora’s box. He lands you in trouble, gets you sloshed to the point of passing out and your parents advice you to stay away from him. But even after all his haramipan , you still consider him your closest friend. And the reason is simple. He has a heart of gold and life wouldn’t be half as exciting if he were not around. Here are 21 reasons why every guy needs a harami best friend.

1. You get the courage to break up with your GF. Because he’ll make her seem like the biggest bitch!

2. And if she initiated the breakup, then he’ll make sure that she seems like an even bigger bitch.

3. Either way, he’ll make sure you move on quickly. Because he hooks you up with another chick in no time.

Source: Koimoi

4. You won’t have to think twice before picking up fights with anybody. Because he knows a lot of important people.

5. No problem seems big enough. Because he knows all the ‘jugaads’ .

6. You learn the art of bluffing. Because he’s the ultimate bluff master!

7. And even if you’re caught, you can always blame it on him. Because he has a reputation for it.

8. Gate crashing at weddings is never a problem.

Source: Oddpad

9. And neither is the supply of liquor. Even on dry days.

10. And 4 pegs down, he’ll convince you to go and propose to that hot professor.

11. All ‘illegal’ stuff is just a phone call away.

12. You learn how to scheme against those backbiting colleagues.

13. Sucking up to your boss comes effortlessly to you.

14. No more waiting in long queues. He always knows someone to help you jump the queue.

15. You learn to rebel against your parents. He’s called a harami for a reason.

16. You get to show off your knowledge about everything. Because he knows it all.

17. Your hard disk will never run out of Sunny Leone’s videos (the old ones)!

18. He’ll always find you a place to crash. Because even if it’s not his place, he knows someone else who knows someone else.

19. He’ll talk you out of opting for engineering and talks you into taking up that modelling career instead. Nobody brainwashes better than him.

20. Everyday would be a fun day. Because you don’t know what shit he’ll get you into.

21. He makes life so much more fun. Even at the worst of times.

He may seem like the biggest ‘ harami’ , but deep down you know that he’s one of the best human beings you know and you can’t thank God enough for having made him your best friend.