It's time to up your sex game (always with consent) boys and girls. A new survey by Skyn condoms has delved into the sexual preferences of millennials and the data has revealed some really encouraging conclusions. Most female millennials are reaching orgasm during sex, reported 89 %, a fourth of the respondents said that they were not shy about using vibrating devices and used them quite regularly, and at least 43 % reported using lubricant as part of their regular sexual routine.

Apart from these results the survey also narrowed down the top five most arousing places to touch on a womans' body, besides the obvious *duh*.


The stomach it turns out is a sensitive zone for what may seem like an underwhelming 4 percent. But don't bin it till you spin it, you never know what might stoke your lady friend's fire.


The back scores higher with 6 %. There are sex positions designed so that you have full free access to the curve of her spine, the small or large of her back, and slightly lower and you reach her...


...which is the next on the list with 15 % women urging you to take care of their business by getting down to business. Some like big butts and they do not lie, and she does too, don't make her beg.


We have more agreement here with a healthy 28 % of millennial women who agree they are turned on by neck action. Nuzzle, cuddle, you know the drill.


No brainer. It's probably not the same for all women, but do you hear the resounding sound of 35 % women in unison? The nipples boys and girls, if you doubt your skill go by the survey.

For best results ask her what she likes before you think it's safe to assume, may be your girl has a sweet spot hidden in her elbow, or the back of her knee. So communicate and bring your A-game to the bedroom, or shower, or the backseat of your car.